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How to Live Positively Like A Normal Cynic

  MINDFULNESS What were the first thoughts that went through your mind this morning? You want 5 more minutes? Should you sleep 5 more minutes or eat breakfast? What’s that little red bump on your chin? Was that there yesterday? The moment we awake from a hopefully deep and relaxing...


The Best Hollywood Attempts to Tackle Poverty

  Poverty. It plagues our world, and can be found in both urban environments, and the most rural of landscapes. No country escapes poverty, though some do a better job of addressing it. The need for choosing organic options over pesticide-ridden and toxin-laden supermarket staples in my past two articles....


You Need To See Through Monsanto, the Big Bully

  MONSANTO We’ve discussed the benefits of choosing to follow a simple, healthy, organic lifestyle. Organic isn’t a term many Europeans are familiar with — for the most part, their crops aren’t pesticide-laden and their poultry isn’t injected with toxins. Yet our standards here are little different. We have mammoth...


What Happened To Loving the Skin You’re In?

  Skin Cleaning – Not Spring Cleaning You get off the train, feeling half yourself and half zombie, circles under your eyes, runny makeup, and a growling stomach. The days are long, but the evenings not long enough. There is simply not a sufficient amount of time to properly establish...

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How To Make The Most Positive Changes

  POSITIVE CHANGES Kalo mhna! Greeks use this expression, which literally means ‘good month,’ to wish their friends and family positivity for the new month ahead. So, still at the beginning of a new season, which we hope will usher in warmer weather, it’s important that we take steps to live...

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4 Ways “Living Well” Is Not “Old” Luxury

  Simplicity is the spice of life. When we reduce toxins — both in our relationships and in the foods we consume — our lives become more manageable and negativity is replaced with positivity. It is necessary that we eliminate the harmful substances that leave us feeling anything less than...