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Why the #LightSkinBattle Is Not As Real As It Could Be

  When we last checked on the Tyga and Chris Brown vs. Drake debacle, the ex-Young Money star Tyga is as relevant as ever with his baby mother’s new best friend, Amber Rose, sending shots. He’s also now dealing with former label mate Drake casting stones as well.   Drizzy’s...


What Are Your Selected Oscar 2014 Predictions?

Oscar 2014 Predictions The Oscars are upon us. On March 2, Hollywood comes together to celebrate the crowning achievements in film for 2013. This year’s festivities will be hosted by Ellen DeGeneres, an obvious safe reaction to Seth MacFarlane’s controversial turn as host of the 2013 award show. Although I...

The Wolf of Wall Street: Celebration of Addiction & Excess

Martin Scorcese’s latest vehicle, The Wolf Of Wall Street, has become the most polarizing film of 2013.  Shot in classic Scorsese style, with quick pans, freeze frames, and a running 1st person narrative, Wolf is based on the memoirs of self-proclaimed Wolf Of Wall Street Jordan Belfort and the depravity encapsulated in...