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new york values

New York Values Means Ted Cruz Is Finished

  I’m from Baltimore and lived in New York for eight years now, Brooklyn for five. I’m a Baltimorean at heart and I will always love Baltimore, but New York is awesome. It 100% represents what’s great about America. Excuse my language as I can get a bit effusive in...

barter 6

How To Make Carter 6 into the ‘Barter 6’

  Recently, Young Thug took to his IG to let the fans know that he will be changing the name of his anticipated mixtape, “because these f**k a** n****s tryna sue” and my gut is telling me he’s referring to Lil Wayne’s people attempting to place a lawsuit against him....


Remedies to Obama’s Executive Action

  Our Founders established three primary mechanisms to control an unconstitutional government. The first is the power of impeachment which we wrote about earlier. John Yoo and Robert De La Hunty at National Review see the politics the way I do:   “The problem with impeachment is not its constitutional...

let's sue the president

Let’s Sue the President!

  The House of Representatives has the exclusive power to initiate revenue bills and impeach the Executive. That the House would sue the President over his use of executive power is an indication that its leadership does not value their own powers under the Constitution than supposedly the President they...