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Hall of Fame

Here Are The 2016 Naismith Hall of Fame Candidates

  Allen Iverson, Yao Ming, Shaquille O’Neal, Tom Izzo and Sheryl Swoopes are some of the candidates for induction into the basketball hall of fame. Finalists are to be announced in February. A few points: It’s not the NBA hall of fame. It’s the basketball hall of fame. AI, Izzo...

Derrick Williams

What This Guy Derrick Williams Should Learn From This

  New York Knicks reserve forward Derrick Williams reportedly brought two women to his apartment who allegedly stole items from a jewelry case reportedly worth $750,000. This is what he should take away from this ordeal.   Derrick Williams Priceonomics tells us he should invest his money in assets that...


Malala Shows Us How To Make Sense Of The Nonsensical

  We have crimes every day in America and thousand are killed each year. How many are committed by Muslims? Malala wants you to keep this in mind.   Muslims have condemned terrorist attacks repeatedly. Still, many are asking Muslims to to band together and go above and beyond to...