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Paper Escape: Buy A Home

  Touching on a Paper Chase: Buy A House by Kwaisi France of Killing the Breeze, we at Federal Home Loan Centers wanted a chance to pipe in and provide our two cents on buying a home. We were happily accepted to submit our thoughts.   First, the Paper Chase...


Paper Chase: Flu and Cancer Vaccines

  Better than expected unemployment report topped the best year for jobs since 1999. The unemployment rate was 5.6% in December. This was the lowest since June 2008 and better than expectations.   Additionally, 250,000 jobs were created and 50,000 more were added to previous months revisions. Unfortunately, wage growth...


Paper Chase: Buy A House

  58 dollar per barrel oil? Yep, due to increased supply from the U.S., a strong dollar, and decreased global demand.   Retail sales came in up .7% stronger than expected. This is important because consumers makeup two thirds of the economy.   Oil Investors have been nervous about slowing...

gas tax

Paper Chase: Increase The Gas Tax

  The 321,000 jobs created in November was a faster pace than economists expected, and the most in 3 years. The unemployment rate remains steady at 5.8%. Average hourly earnings are also up 0.4% which is the most in 18 months.   Auto sales were strong this year, and are...

shop local

Paper Chase: Shop Local

  OPEC, in it s most critical meeting in years amidst plunging oil prices because of oversupply and weak globe demand. However, to the surprise of many, the ministers decided not to limit production. Oil prices are at their lowest point in over 4 years below 70 dollar per barrel....