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Citizens Need The Media To Be Fully Engaged

The dissemination of a wide variety of verifiable viewpoints is essential for individuals to formulate their own conclusions about the economic state of our nation, Washington’s foreign policy, the international community and the United States’ active or inactive participation in world crises. It is the responsibility of both the FCC...

joan didion

Musings on Joan Didion

  It is perhaps inherent to the human condition to be unable to accept reality, to confront it with all of its flaws and fallacies, mishaps and injustices. We are frightened by truth and often prefer to see life as an illusion, a mirage that attempts to negate all that we...

millennial impact

The Millennial Impact Is Already Being Felt

  We must engage our youth. We can not settle for selfies.   I’ve previously discussed the idea that our generation and those to come will not be lost, but found. Armed with the potential, creativity, and awareness, they will be the ‘movers and shakers’ — the ones to get it...

david carr

Who was David Carr? Media Vanguard

  The only career protected by the Bill of Rights is journalism — its role in society cannot be underestimated. To have a learned, informed citizenry is the only way to achieve real democracy, and without newspapers, pundits, and today, even podcasts, our democracy would be stifled.   The variety of...