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russell westbrook

Something Different For The Russell Westbrook 0

  Hooooooooooooooooooly Westbrook. In a week’s stretch, he’s averaging 40.7 ppg 11.3 apg 11.3 rpg 3 spg.   In my opinion, he’s the most electrifying, entertaining, athletic, and beastly athlete to grace the court in today’s NBA. As long as he continues this streak he’s been on, I refuse to stop...

independent palestine

Independent Palestine: Israeli-Palestinian Conflict – Part Twenty Eight

Independent Palestine The Intifada caught the PLO by surprise and the leadership abroad could only indirectly influence the events. A new local leadership emerged, the Unified National Leadership of the Uprising (UNLU), comprising many leading Palestinian factions. After King Hussein of Jordan proclaimed the administrative and legal separation of the...