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Can Republicans Replace Muslims With Jews?

  Jews are voting Republican in increasing numbers in recent elections. As indicated by increasingly harsh rhetoric, the GOP has lost the Muslim vote probably permanently. After 9/11, American Muslims largely switched sides to the Democratic party, noting that Republican policies had made their lives more difficult than they were...

distinction without a difference

Looks Like A Distinction Without a Difference on Refugees

  It seems that many want to ignore or disregard appeals to historical parallels such as our nation’s callous response to Jewish refugees fleeing Nazi Germany. They have labeled these comparisons as bogus for there was no worldwide Jewish supremacist movement engaged in massive acts of terrorism on virtually every...

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How To Make Culture Bend Towards Religious Conservatives

  According to Pew, roughly 3 in 4 Americans are religiously affiliated, yet in the wake of the recent Supreme Court rulings, the “Benedict option” of retreating somewhere and just letting America take its course is being discussed by many. Why is their voice not louder? They certainly have more...