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What’s Up With Your Man Jameis?

  Redshirt Year In November 2012, Jameis Winston and three teammates allegedly engage in a BB and pellet-gun battle at their apartment house, inflicting an estimated $4,000 in damage. Management at the apartment house declines to press criminal charges after a FSU athletic official vows that the players will pay...

BCS Wrapped Up

What Happened? We saw USC absolutely destroy Oklahoma in the 2005 championship. The Trojans would have to vacate the win because Pete Carroll takes liberties with rules. We saw Alabama have the only shutout of the era in a rematch of the SEC Championship game in 2012. We saw Vince...

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The Breeze: Staying At Home Like A Normal Dad

  The Boys & Girls of KTB discuss whether a working woman can stay attracted to a stay-at-home husband and the Jameis Winston rape scandal. Featuring music from upcoming hip hop queen Honey the Hippie.     Courtesy of athomedad.org   A Normal Dad An at-home dad (also called stay-at-home...