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The Breeze: Who Is Jadon Woodard?

Our conversation with the 2015 Jack’n For Beats national champion Jadon Woodard. On his way to record with DJ Khaled after winning the $10,000 dollar cash prize, he shares with us his strategy for seizing the moment with some advice for fellow rappers.     Jadon Woodard People saying you’re...

Jack'N For Beats

The Breeze: What Is Jack’N For Beats?

KTB discusses the Jack’N for beats rap battle competition with Jack Daniels representative, A&R veteran AJ Ahmed and 2015 Competition winner Jadon Woodard.     AJ Ahmed A.J. Ahmed is A&R and Judge for Jackn4beats/Atlantic Records. He’s the Brand Manager for DJ Envy, and a former A&R for Violator Management....

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Doin’ It With Kwaisi France: Jadon Woodard

  I sat down with aspiring rapper/actor Jadon Woodard to talk movies, television, film, homelessness, freestyling, “the game”, traveling, Brooklyn, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington DC, Oakland and California. Though he is only 24, Jadon has a maturity and worldliness about him that make him seem much older.     Jadon Woodard...