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Maria Chimes In: Episode 8 – Summertime Fine

  From the tight corridors of a Chinese tour bus to fleeting day dreams by the beach, summer evokes the best in all of us. “The Endless Summer” is often a time for nostalgia while simultaneously being a reminder of the necessity for living in the moment. This week’s segment of Maria...

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Boo To All-Star Game Valentine’s Days

“N**** couldn’t even watch the all star game, had to do the whole valentines day thang/ gotta play the game so my lady don’t complain”   My thought’s exactly J. Cole…well almost exactly. Every year, for literally as long as I can remember, the NBA has placed the all-star game...

Sotirios Papazaharias

Choppin’ It Up: Episode 3 – Sotirios Papazaharias

  KTB presents Episode 3 of “Choppin’ It Up” with Adrian Prelvukaj, This week, Adrian sits with Sotirios Papazaharias (is that a mouthful or what?), the self-proclaimed Greek legend, who majored in Nutrition Science (pre-med) at Syracuse University. Last week, Adrian went in depth with NBA contenders and hip-hop albums...

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Maria Chimes In: Episode 1 – Rina Prel

  KTB Presents Episode 1 of ‘Maria Chimes In’. This week, Maria sat down with Brooklyn-bred, budding artist Rina Prelvukaj—better known as Rina Prel in the art world. Rina at first glance encompasses the features of an artist—minimalist on the surface, with flowing blonde locks, yet evocative with her description...


The Breeze: How To Make Sense of Control

  TV personality Nadeska Alexis breaks down the fall-out from Kendrick Lamar’s controversial verse with KTB.     Courtesy of XXL:   Control It was the verse that woke up the rap game and made everyone start looking around and eyeing each other uncomfortably; King Kendrick, still on the ascent...