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climate change

Why Climate Change Trumps Terrorism In Paris

  The Paris climate summit begins today with as many as 40,000 are expected for the 21st session of the Conference of Parties to the U.N.’s Framework Convention on Climate Change, which will run through Dec. 11. There will be more than 190 nations represented, and at least 140 national...

iran nuclear deal

Why The Iran Nuclear Deal Is A Win

  The Iran nuclear deal is a win for the West because it is a loss for ISIS. The deal represents an existential threat to ISIS because it signals a change in Western policy away from the destabilization doctrine welcoming balkanization and chaos and towards the West living with stable...

you think you know

What Is It That You Think You Know?

  What is it that you think you know about yourself? I would classify myself as a libertarian-leaning liberal. I believe in tolerance for different people and different lifestyles, and don’t believe that my standards of morality or safety should be enforced by government. While I believe in personal responsibility...


ISIS: Who Really Has A Strategy?

  President Obama recently proclaimed there was no strategy in dealing with ISIS. He was derided for this statement, but he is just being honest. He doesn’t have a strategy. No one does. Here’s why.   Yes! More War! It’s pretty clear our country is wary of war. Americans don’t...