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iheartradio music awards 2015

Broader Social Messages of iHeartRadio Music Awards 2015

  iHEART RADIO MUSIC AWARDS 2015 The iHeartRadio Music Awards got off to a shaky start on Sunday evening, with an awkward performance from “Best New Artist” nominee Iggy Azalea. No surprise that Taylor Swift took home (earned) 3 awards for “Artist of the Year,” “Song of the Year – Shake...

Nick Young

Nick Young Can’t Protect Iggy Azalea From The Truth

  As if dealing with the constant beatings opposing teams have been handing the Lakers isn’t already tough enough to deal with, Nick Young has to focus a lot of his energy on defending his superstar girlfriend, Iggy Azalea…again. On an episode of ESPN’s Sportscenter, anchor Robert Flores took the ultimate...


Hip-Hop 2014: The Unusual Suspects

  Today marks 6 days into the New Year, which means we’re finally over the hangover and onto reflecting about what actually happened in hip-hop during 2014. We take a step back and immediately realize how rather unorthodox it indeed was. I mean no Kanye or Jay album, no Drake...

iggy azalea

The NRA and Iggy Azalea: Where Are You?

Where is the NRA while with their usual message of the need of people to arm themselves against an overzealous government? We’re getting Cliven Bundied except it’s not cattle and acres. Our transgressions are cigars and cigarettes, ironically staples in communities they see very little benefit from other than smooth,...