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The Charm Podcast w/ Bunny: Spiritualism

Welcome to “The Charm,” a new solo audio venture by Bunny Themelis. I miss being on the main podcast as frequently as I was, but there was stuff I never could get into during those discussions. Mostly nerdy, non-sequitur stuff. Much like my soon-to-be relaunched video series “2Geeky (for the...


Power to Pride: Love is Now Legal to All

  On June 6th, 2015, the Supreme Court ruled gay marriage legal in all 50 states. This historic moment is truly a significant one in the LBGT community as well as it is in our community as a whole. Because, well, gay or straight, we are all of the same...


Travel Of The World Makes Us Wiser In The World

  TRAVEL Travel is an art form. It’s a gateway to existing outside ourselves for a fleeting time to explore something deeper and with greater purpose. When we leave the comfort of familiarity, we test our inner senses. Our minds becomes more open, our understanding and acceptance of diversity is strengthened,...