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The DUFF and the Concept of Bullying

  The new movie, The DUFF premiered on February 20th and has already been rated 7.1 stars on IMBD.com. This film is based on a novel about a girl’s journey, played by Mae Witman, to abandon her apparent title “DUFF,” aka “Designated Ugly Fat Friend.” To sum it up, a...

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Financial Literacy in High School?

  In Oklahoma, all high school students are required to pass a class on personal finance before they can graduate. Banking, taxes, investing, loans, insurance and identity theft, among other subjects, will be part of the curriculum, and the teachers will have to certify that their students comprehend them all....


Revenge of the Nerds

A 31 year old woman passes as a high school student, college students are getting pissy about commencement speakers, and the continued rise of #hashtag activism Check out this episode!   Actually 34 Unbelievably, the woman posing as a high school sophomore is actually 34. Jail records had her age...