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Staying Active: Changing Our Motives

  It is undeniable that we must remain active in our daily lives. The American College of Sports Medicine recommends at least 30 minutes of moderately intense activity 5 times a week, which may seem like nothing to the average person. Sadly, according to ACSM’s Guidelines for Exercise Testing and Prescription,...

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No More Tanning Bed

  Over the weekend, The New York Times published a comprehensive article about the hazards of indoor tanning, a truism we have known for decades, but failed to address them. The article cites the stories of several young women who received skin cancer diagnoses in their twenties. Both tragic and hopeful, their...


Your Health Can’t Wait

  The New Year means a few things: broken resolutions and over-crowded gyms. Despite the shortcomings, the New Year also symbolizes the human desire to be better than yesterday—to be persistent with one’s goals and honest with one’s abilities. It is important to remember that if our health objectives aren’t...

Body Image

Body Image: Confident and Healthy Is Beautiful

Body Image As people grow up, they hear they should take pride in their bodies. Beginning in grade school, bodies change during puberty and can bring about distorted images. Bigger boobs, taller statures, and strange weight fluctuations all draw attention in both negative and positive ways. Media Even into adulthood,...