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Bernvolution Quickly Snuffed Out By Basic Economics

Daniel Gross documents how the Bernvolution was undone by finance. To his credit, by relying on small donors, Sanders has created his own economic engine that can power his campaign as long as he sees fit. The problem? The Sanders campaign has managed to redistribute well over $150 million from...

Driverless Car

Paper Chase: Driverless Cars

Equity markets are still riding record highs on hopes of improving economy, and the market shrugged off GDP contraction of -.1% in the first quarter which was largely blamed on the weather. Economists fully expect the economy to bounce back in the 2nd quarter.   Home prices continued to rise...

flat design

Microsoft Leads on Flat Design

  Design and Microsoft are far from synonymous, making the latter’s early arrival to the flat design party all the more surprising. Questions remain as to whether flat design is the long-term future of user interface design. As more and more services and companies are embracing this trend, flat design...