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hernando De soto

The Explorers: Hernando De Soto

Hernando De Soto is the fourteenth figure in the exploration of North America by non-indigenous people. This was a continuing effort to map and explore the continent and advance the economic interests of said non-indigenous peoples of North America. It spanned centuries, and consisted of efforts by numerous people and...


Georgia v. Randolph (2006): Landmark Supreme Court Case

Georgia v. Randolph (2006) is one of the landmark Supreme Court cases featured in the KTB Prep American Government and Civics series designed to acquaint users with the origins, concepts, organizations, and policies of the United States government and political system. The goal is greater familiarization with the rights and...

uncle clarence

Loyal Uncle Clarence Still Reliable For “The Man”

Katherine Don chronicles how three decades after Timothy Tyrone Foster was convicted and sentenced to death in the murder of an elderly white woman, the Supreme Court has thrown out the ruling on the basis that African American jurors were intentionally kept off the jury by the prosecution. At issue...