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You Need To See Through Monsanto, the Big Bully

Slowly poisoning people is not love.



We’ve discussed the benefits of choosing to follow a simple, healthy, organic lifestyle. Organic isn’t a term many Europeans are familiar with — for the most part, their crops aren’t pesticide-laden and their poultry isn’t injected with toxins. Yet our standards here are little different. We have mammoth corporations like Monsanto determining what we consume, and even worse, what we think and believe to be true. The damage has long been done — Roundup alone has been used since the 1970s — yet the carcinogenic properties have only recently been brought to light.


Ever seen one of Monsanto’s numerous commercials, touting its commitment to the planet and its inhabitants? The company’s most recent attempt to shed negative public perception of its operations comes in the form of yet again another commercial.
“Food is love,” the advertisement says, playing the same sort of ethereal music that might be found in a Johnson & Johnson commercial. If applying toxic lotions/soaps on the surface of a baby’s skin (its protective barrier) is an absolute no, then consuming genetically modified, pesticide-ridden baby food should also be an absolute no. The same goes for the rest of us. The commercial continues on to suggest Monsanto cares for the planet and “it’s how we take care of people we’ll never meet.” Poisoning our environment and its living creatures doesn’t seem like care.


Mark Bittman for The New York Times discusses the recent acknowledgement by the International Agency for Research on Cancer that glyphosate, the active ingredient in the widely used herbicide Roundup, likely causes cancer in humans. In his op-ed, Bittman delves into the major, life-threatening concerns associated with GMOs, recognizing that Monsanto has made billions off of this potential carcinogen.
Billions of lives are at risk while billions of dollars continue to be racked in. We need preventative measures. We can no longer wait for disaster to strike to come up with a possible solution. We need proper labeling, thorough independent research, and a ban against harmful chemicals in food that is meant to be our source of life.

Organic Is More Security Than I’ve Ever Seen

Organic means extra protection.



I’m no foodie. My mouth doesn’t water at the thought of a juicy porterhouse steak drizzled in A1 sauce, and I don’t long for a buttery corn on the cob in the summer. I enjoy food, but more so its simplicity. I’d much rather dive into a tomato/cucumber/avocado salad, accompanied by a baked sweet potato. I respect the preferences of others — many of the people in my life are committed foodies, but I maintain a regimen that works for me. Healthy, satisfying, and simple.


Choosing to eat organic has become a way of life. A means of fostering the mind, body connection.
Ever experience the onset of a headache and dwell on it far too much? That minor headache turns into a full blown migraine. This is the mind, body connection. The way our bodies react is a direct connection to how we think and perceive. When I know that I am consuming quality ingredients that are not GMO (genetically modified organism), my mind and body are in harmony. I know that what I am directly absorbing will give me greater energy, clearer skin, a stronger immune system, and an overall healthier existence.


For too long, advertisers have told us pesticides are OK. We should ‘lower our standards.’ We’ve adapted to an agricultural system that is overridden with toxins — forget the manufactured, preservative ridden foods we leave in our pantries for weeks and months on end. We have been duped by major corporations like Monsanto to believe that modified ‘food’ and neurotoxins (damaging to the brain and nerve cells) won’t have any affect. They’ve done an excellent job pulling a fast one on the American public, but it’s time we get smart, and realize none of this is OK. In reality, we are gambling with our lives. Consumers of genetically modified foods are guinea pigs for corporations, and are participants in what is perhaps the greatest experimentation with human lives.