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Roy Moore

Roy Moore Has Blown Everyone’s Mind…Again

  The Supreme Court of Alabama has issued an order blocking the issuance of same-sex marriage licenses. Chief Justice Roy Moore cited the state’s Marriage Protection Act in issuing the order despite a June ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court striking down such laws throughout the country. Moore has already...


When A Couple Of Decisions Don’t Go Your Way

  In another example of flailing, writhing hysteria over the gay marriage and Obamacare decisions, GOP Presidential candidate Ted Cruz proposed an amendment to the Constitution that would subject the justices to retention elections. Retention elections are a common feature at the state court level, so the idea is hardly...

religious conservatives

How To Make Culture Bend Towards Religious Conservatives

  According to Pew, roughly 3 in 4 Americans are religiously affiliated, yet in the wake of the recent Supreme Court rulings, the “Benedict option” of retreating somewhere and just letting America take its course is being discussed by many. Why is their voice not louder? They certainly have more...


Power to Pride: Love is Now Legal to All

  On June 6th, 2015, the Supreme Court ruled gay marriage legal in all 50 states. This historic moment is truly a significant one in the LBGT community as well as it is in our community as a whole. Because, well, gay or straight, we are all of the same...