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Top 15 Hip Hop And Rap Albums Mid 2016

Why even bother making a list? It’s usually albums you’ve never heard of, albums you don’t care about, or albums you either have heard or are intrigued enough by the writeup, album art, media buzz to give a chance. Still, if you’re behind on your new hip hop and/or rap...

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Top 30 Hip Hop and Rap Albums of 2015 Courtesy Of KTB

  27 of our 30 albums charted number one on Billboard’s Hip and R&B or Rap charts for atleast 1 week. Nicki Minaj dropped in 2014 despite appearing on the January 2015 charts. Our albums were ranked according to three criteria:   Attention Grabbing It’s not about whether we liked...


Now: Why We Should Bask In It

To most people, adulthood is something that is a scary concept, immediately triggering anxiety predicated upon responsibility, the future. In other words success, and unattainable happiness. No one wants to grow up to live this predetermined life that is basically the same as being programmed like a robot. Meanwhile, most...