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Sheldon Richardson, Paid to be a Reckless Asshole

You guys hear about that Sheldon Richardson arrest; the 24 year old, highly paid professional football player for the NFL franchise, The New York Jets? Allegedly… He was caught drag racing at speeds exceeding 140 miles an hour. He took the cops on a merry high speed chase through a...


KTB TV: CultureBroker – Ballers Review

It’s a legacy at this point. HBO produces some of the strongest, densest, and most thought provoking programming in the history of television. HBO has also created some of the silliest, indulgent, and flat out ridiculous programming as well. This contrast is the secret of their success. If HBO was...


What This Expert Says About Pete’s Call

Here it is, another article on the game everyone’s talking about, but even more specifically the play call everyone’s talking about. You have the game in your hands, the clock is on your side (and for whatever reason coach Belichick isn’t calling a timeout), and you have a human specimen...