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Paper Chase: Who Run The World? (Girls)

  217,000 jobs were created last month as the unemployment rate remained at 6.3% marking a return to pre recession levels for total employment meaning we have recovered 8.7 million jobs. The report is roughly what economists expected.   The Fed’s beige book showed stronger economic growth especially in manufacturing....

The Wolf of Wall Street: Celebration of Addiction & Excess

Martin Scorcese’s latest vehicle, The Wolf Of Wall Street, has become the most polarizing film of 2013.  Shot in classic Scorsese style, with quick pans, freeze frames, and a running 1st person narrative, Wolf is based on the memoirs of self-proclaimed Wolf Of Wall Street Jordan Belfort and the depravity encapsulated in...


Paper Chase: Fed Decides Against Tapering

  What is The Fed? The Fed is the central bank of the U.S. whose objectives are to maximize employment, stabilize prices, and moderate long term interest rates. They have expanded to overseeing the nation’s monetary policy (raising or lowering interest rates), supervising and regulating banking institutions, maintaining the stability...