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Rigged When It Doesn’t Go The Way We Want

It’s rigged! Popularized by Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump is now running with it. A Republican FBI director conducts an independent investigation completely separate from the White House or the Attorney General and doesn’t bring charges. Rigged! Hillary should be in jail. Let’s start there and work our way backwards. It’s...


Apple Gets Tech Support Against DOJ

  Multiple Companies have come out in support of Apple’s battle with the US Justice Department. Amazon, Cisco, Dropbox, eBay, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Mozilla, Twitter and Yahoo are among the companies supporting Apple in its battle over iPhone encryption.   Apple Many don’t understand why Apple can’t just break the...

lizard squad

Fear The Evil Lizard Squad No More

  The Lizard Squad is comprised of Finnish teenager Julius Kivimäki, an undisclosed British “grammar school student” and 22-year old Londoner Vincent Omari. Maybe. Omari, for his part, oscillates between taking credit on the BBC and publicly denying any association with the group, infamously accused of bringing down networks for...


Why Ferguson Shouldn’t Follow MLK

  There has been a lot of discussion of following MLK’s example for the people of Ferguson. Apparently, many people are being given the sanitized version of MLK and how his nonviolent protest was viewed.   The majority of Americans, considered MLK to be an extreme radical. The FBI went...