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11th pick

Fantasy Football: 11th Pick

  Fantasy Football: 10th Pick   Round 1 Pick 11 My choice was between DeMarco Murray and AJ Green. AJ is the man, but I don’t trust Andy Dalton. I want the back in a high scoring offense that gets the goal line carries. I chose DeMarco Murray with the...

6th pick

Fantasy Football: 6th Pick

  Fantasy Football: 5th Pick   Round 1 Pick 6 The top three running backs were gone. If that is the case, I am taking Calvin Johnson with the 6th pick.   Round 2 Pick 19 I had a choice between Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees here as Manning had...

9th pick

Fantasy Football: 9th Pick

  Fantasy Football: 8th Pick   Round 1 Pick 9 I was able to get Jimmy Graham with the 9th pick. I think this is too late for him to still be available, but I was happy nonetheless.   Round 2 Pick 16 I drafted Peyton here as Brees and...

5th pick

Fantasy Football: 5th Pick

  Fantasy Football: 4th Pick   Round 1 Pick 5 With the three top running backs and Calvin Johnson off the board, I chose Jimmy Graham with the 5th pick. As I said before, I view him as a top 5 pick as the focal point of the Saints offense....

12th pick

Fantasy Football: 12th Pick

  Fantasy Football: 11th Pick   Round 1 Pick 12 I took Peyton Manning with the 12th pick. Slip or no slip, he’s probably the top fantasy quarterback again.   Round 2 Pick 13 I chose DeMarco Murray here. He is the lead back in a great offense with a...