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PPV Price To Be Will Blow Your Mind

PPV price
We will pay $100 to watch these two fight on television in our homes.

With both Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao expected to split a purse of a projected $300 million, shattering the winnings record, there is virtually no loser at all. This could not be possible without the price tag on the pay-per-view (PPV) also shattering records.

PPV Price

Just as we imagined, arguably the most talked about fight in boxing history is generating numbers that are quite unheard of. On top of Floyd earning a projected $180 million, and Manny pulling in a cool $120 million of his own, the price tag on the pay-per-view is just as insane. It has been officially announced that this fight is projected to be not only the most expensive sporting event in pay-per view history, but the most expensive pay-per view broadcast period. The PPV is expected to charge consumers a whopping $89.95 for 36 minutes of boxing. And that’s IF someone doesn’t get knocked out in the earlier rounds.
Operators like Time Warner Cable, AT&T, and DirectTV are also giving the option to view the event in high definition for an additional charge of $10 — an absolutely absurd amount of money for a boxing match if you ask me. And let’s be real, cable companies are using the scam of the century with that $10 additional fee for HD. As if someone whom is willing to pay 90 bucks for a sporting event, wont find it convenient to a pay up a full Benji to get the high definition.
Typically, a high-profile fight would run you around $60, but because it will be broadcast through HBO and Showtime to a wide audience that extends beyond America, it almost makes the price tag sound somewhat reasonable. Somewhat. And I don’t know if this is just me but worse comes to worse, and someone gets hit in the wrong spot resulting in a early round knockout…I’ll be heated. To go even further if the fight does come down to a decision and I just realized I spent $100 of my hard earned dollars on 36 minutes of action… I’m still a tad salty. But to each his own they say right?