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Britt Mchenry

Britt McHenry Will Make You Argue Against A College Degree

  We’ve all been there before, frustrated and irritated while speaking with a customer service representative. We occasionally allow our frustration to get the best of us — it’s only human nature — forgetting that more often than not, our issue is not the fault of the employee trying to...

Nick Young

Nick Young Can’t Protect Iggy Azalea From The Truth

  As if dealing with the constant beatings opposing teams have been handing the Lakers isn’t already tough enough to deal with, Nick Young has to focus a lot of his energy on defending his superstar girlfriend, Iggy Azalea…again. On an episode of ESPN’s Sportscenter, anchor Robert Flores took the ultimate...

josh gordon

Josh Gordon’s Tragically Troubled Tale

  Oooooh Josh, poor, poor Josh. As much as I am a fan of your talent, as much as I appreciate you for single-handedly winning me my first fantasy football championship last year, as much as I wanted to sympathize with you when I got word about your letter…I can’t....