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choppin' it up

Choppin’ It Up: Episode 1 – Philip Schultze

  The first episode of Killing The Breeze presents Choppin’ It Up with Adrian Prelvukaj. This week, Adrian sits with friend, law school student, and fellow NBA fan Philip Schultze.     Choppin’ It Up For the first segment of “Choppin’ It Up” I chose to sit down with good...

rina prel

Maria Chimes In: Episode 1 – Rina Prel

  KTB Presents Episode 1 of ‘Maria Chimes In’. This week, Maria sat down with Brooklyn-bred, budding artist Rina Prelvukaj—better known as Rina Prel in the art world. Rina at first glance encompasses the features of an artist—minimalist on the surface, with flowing blonde locks, yet evocative with her description...

tampa tableaux

Wander Talks: Episode 1 – Tampa Tableaux

  The first episode of KTB Presents: Wander Talks with Rachel Jimenez. Rachel sits down with those behind the scenes of Tampa Tableaux.   Check out this episode!     Tampa Tableaux Tampa Tableaux is a film project developed by Jenne-Elise Galluzzi, a recent graduate from the University of South...

Natraj Bhushan

KTB Political Roundtable: Natraj Bhushan

    Courtesy of Decide NYC:   About the Candidate Natraj Bhushan is a lifelong resident of Brighton Beach. He has previously worked as an attorney and co-founded Green Clearinghouse, Inc. a non-profit corporation aimed at improving access to green technologies for underserved communities. Bhushan has emphasized his previous experience...