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Bob Murray

Doin It With Kwaisi France: Bob Murray

  This week I sit down with Bob Murray to talk consulting, entrepreneurship, and the difficulties of making a living outside of the normal realm of the “9 to 5”.     Bob Murray The dictionary defines a consultant as “an expert in a particular field who works as an...

start your own business

Paper Chase: Start Your Own Business

The Fed announced a halt to quantitative easing (QE), their bond buying program. Rates will remain low stimulating economy. The Dow is at a record high with markets boosted by good news on earnings and signs of a stronger economy. Indeed, the economy expanded at 3.5% last quarterexceeding analysts expectations....


GoPro: Maybe It Is About You

  Entrpreneurs everywhere share a maniacal focus on their product, the problem their product is trying to resolve, and on reconciling the two to make everything work. They eat, sleep, breathe and live their idea up to the point of not eating, sleeping, breathing or living at all. If it...