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ceding the fight

This Is What Happens When You’re Ceding The Fight

Marco Rubio’s feels philosophy is the pre-eminent example of a useless college major. He wants more welders. The anti-intellectualism that runs through the GOP and much of society today is reinforced in the critique of the protests at University of Missouri and Yale. Whether it’s apathy, genuine disinterest, or some...

post-grad life

Maria Chimes In: Episode 5 – Kathy Chun

Killing The Breeze presents Maria Chimes In. This week, co-host Kathryn Tam and I sat down with fellow NYU student and roommate Kathy Chun. Our discussion topic focused on the ‘post grad-life’ — its trials and tribulations, and opportunity for reflection.     Post-Grad Life Kathy, a Hawaii native, is...

black family

When You See A Happy Black Family, Think It’s Normal

  These children without fathers is really the issue here. Why don’t black people start with fixing their own families? Everything starts from there.   Is this you? Please stop. What you are lacking is context. The Black Family is doing great all things considered.   Jamestown was 1607. The...