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Flint Is An Example Of Why People Don’t Trust Government

  The Flint Water crisis is a failure of government on the city, state and local levels as well as an example of why stronger federal oversight on environmental issues is required. It disgustingly shows how income inequality means that, even in 2016, basic necessities like water are reserved for...

rosa parks

This Is The Rosa Parks You Probably Don’t Know

  Sixty years ago today, Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on a Montgomery bus and was arrested. This seminal event of a tired, nice, old lady is what we think about as an impetus for desegregation. Not much is really told of her story beyond this event...

dej loaf

Don’t Try Her: New DeJ Loaf is Sure Fire

If there’s any artist you most certainly will not ‘try’, it’s without a doubt got to be Detroit femcee, Dej Loaf. Real name Deja, her upbringing on the east side of Detroit was harsh to say the least. With her dad getting killed when she was just 4, and her...