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Citizens Need The Media To Be Fully Engaged

The dissemination of a wide variety of verifiable viewpoints is essential for individuals to formulate their own conclusions about the economic state of our nation, Washington’s foreign policy, the international community and the United States’ active or inactive participation in world crises. It is the responsibility of both the FCC...

greek independence day

A Proud Greek on Greek Independence Day

  “There are two types of people: Greeks, and everyone who wishes they were Greek.” On March 25th, Greeks around the world honorED their heritage by rejoicing in Greece’s independence after 400 years of Turkish Ottoman rule. The Hellenic spirit has continued to endure long after March 25, 1821 — 194...


Compromise in the Age of Partisanship

  Our forefathers, resistant to political parties, recognized the plight that would come to affect our government if partisanship arose. Today, our political world suffers from a lack of levelheaded communication, and is often hindered by an inability to compromise. The core of our democracy—its citizenry—relies on being politically involved and informed....