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Wander Talks Episode 17: Dancers and Body Image

In this week’s episode of Wander Talks, I sat down with dancer and recent USF graduate, Jacqui Dugal, to discuss something that is very prevalent in the dance world: the “in-between disorder,” which is not an eating disorder but not a homeostatic state of mind. Body image is known to...


Wander Talks: Episode 10 – The Power of Pilates

    On this week’s episode of Wander Talks, Rachel sits down with fellow Exercise Science classmate and Pilates instructor, Megan Burditt. Megan began teaching Pilates last year at USF’s Campus Recreation Center and has grown very passionate about this method of training. The great Joseph Pilates, providing people with...


Enough with the Pointe Shoes

  Ciara’s newest music video, “I Bet,” premiered last week and went viral across the web. This video features Ciara alone in various costumes, with the singer looking as beautiful as ever. The video opens with a shot of a music box ballerina, and then pans out to reveal Ciara...

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A Dancer On The Darker Side of Dance Life

  There’s a lot that can be said about dance. I just recently talked about it in a humorous light as I discussed the now trending “left shark” moment of the SuperBowl. I could also analyze a ballet class’s structure down to the very specifics of articulating each metatarsal, and...

left shark

Left Shark: Not Just A Backup Dancer

On Sunday night, as I watched the annual Puppy Bowl, I made an effort to change the channel right as the Superbowl Halftime Show was about to come on. I watched and admired the voice of Katy Perry, the talent of Lenny Kravitz, and the time warp that was the...

elastic heart

“Elastic Heart” by Sia

  Today, Sia’s new video for “Elastic Heart” premiered and went viral almost instantly. My feed was clogged up with posts and reposts of this, yet again, peculiar video that only Sia could pull off. It starred Maddy Ziegler, from the popular reality show Dance Moms,and Shia LaBeouf, whom most...