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chicago b&q railroad

Landmark Supreme Court Case: Chicago B&Q Railroad v. Chicago (1897)

Chicago B&Q Railroad v. Chicago (1897) is the 32nd landmark Supreme Court case, the twelfth case in the Economics module, featured in the KTB Prep American Government and Civics Series designed to acquaint users with the origins, concepts, organizations, and policies of the United States government and political system. The...


Doin it With Kwaisi France: Sinatris

KTB Radio presents Doin’ It With Kwaisi France. This week Kwaisi sits down with 2013 Jack Daniels Jackin 4 Beats champion Sinatris. Part 1 Part 2 Sinatris Lyrical, witty and refreshing describes the lyrical talents of Chicago artist Sinatris. Born Dec 5th, a Sagittarius, Sinatris adopted his stage name from...

Bernie fans

Bernie Fans This Hillary Fan Supports

  Ja’Mal Green, a prominent black activist and Bernie fan in Chicago, saw that Donald Trump was coming to the University of Illinois Chicago. Hundreds of protesters invaded Trump’s rally in Chicago while thousands more marched outside, leading the candidate to abruptly cancel the event due to safety concerns.  ...

people of color

Luckily, It Looks Like It’ll Only Affect People Of Color

  One woman and three men of “Middle Eastern” descent were removed from a Spirit Airlines plane at BWI Airport. The flight was headed for Chicago from Baltimore. After removal of these four people, Spirit Airlines deplaned the rest of the passengers and they are all now at the terminal...

Pau Gasol

Pau Gasol and The Fountain Of Youth

  When I heard Sunday morning that 2-time NBA champ Pau Gasol scored a monstrous 46 points the previous night, I thought “ooh might be Killing The Breeze worthy material.” Instead, the seas parted and I took notice of Rae Sremmurd, which by then had drowned out the Pau hype....