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russell westbrook

Something Different For The Russell Westbrook 0

  Hooooooooooooooooooly Westbrook. In a week’s stretch, he’s averaging 40.7 ppg 11.3 apg 11.3 rpg 3 spg.   In my opinion, he’s the most electrifying, entertaining, athletic, and beastly athlete to grace the court in today’s NBA. As long as he continues this streak he’s been on, I refuse to stop...

josh gordon

Josh Gordon’s Tragically Troubled Tale

  Oooooh Josh, poor, poor Josh. As much as I am a fan of your talent, as much as I appreciate you for single-handedly winning me my first fantasy football championship last year, as much as I wanted to sympathize with you when I got word about your letter…I can’t....


Barkley Is Right: Why It Doesn’t Matter

Charles Barkley made what some found to be interesting comments on reports emanating from the Seattle Seahawks locker room that certain players felt quarterback Russell Wilson was “not black enough”. I am not going to address the reasons why because the whole notion is silly on it’s face. (Can you...