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How To Be Perfect: An Advice* Column

  Welcome to the first installment of How To Be Perfect; no-nonsense advice column from two women who know everything.   We are “lifestyle experts” who have been trained by women’s magazines, men’s magazines, tabloids, celeb gossip and reality TV in the ways of the world. *Advice need not be...

modern times

These Modern Times

  Does rap music spawn violence?  Plus, celebrity sightings in NYC, community policing, and music by Knife Show. Check out this episode!   The Link Between Rap and Violence Hip-hop does not cause crime. If anything the opposite is true. As the popularity of rap music increased, crime in the...

Why Names That Are Weird or Unique are Hated On

  Names, how many of us have them? (All of us.) A big pet peeve of mine is when people get all hot and bothered over what people should name their children. I’ve heard people say eccentric names are akin to child abuse. Really, people? Because if you think about...