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The Ascent of the Female Anti-Hero

The ‘man-child’ phenomenon has existed for a while — in laymen’s terms: a grown man, nearing the age of 30, who remains unacceptably reliant on others for basic life functions. Buzzfeed did the honors of compiling a list of 23 characteristics that define a man-child, perhaps at the helm, “he...


The Sweetness of Words

  ‘Vellichor’ is an intriguing word. It stood out to me on one of those mundane and redundant BuzzFeed lists entitled “32 Of The Most Beautiful Words In The English Language”.   We all have our obscure and odd guilty pleasures; mine happens to be searching through books, and in this...

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Setting the Dress Record Straight

  Kim Kardashian tried to break the internet once, but last week’s dress controversy got the job done. Unless you’ve been hibernating in the Siberian mountains, or are colorblind, it’s doubtful you haven’t formed an opinion about the notorious blue/black, white/gold dress debate that surfaced from the Scottish island of...