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Britt Mchenry

Britt McHenry Will Make You Argue Against A College Degree

  We’ve all been there before, frustrated and irritated while speaking with a customer service representative. We occasionally allow our frustration to get the best of us — it’s only human nature — forgetting that more often than not, our issue is not the fault of the employee trying to...


You See This Is What Happened To OK NYU

  NYU’s Blunder Body shaming, we must put it to rest. Until there is genuine reform, until our society, both men and women, transforms its evaluation of women, I will continue to address this disturbing epidemic. We know about the mounting campaigns against body-shaming. While laudable in their ambitions, they exemplify the...

body shaming

Body Shaming Rampant In 2015 Will Blow Your Mind

  BODY-ACCEPTANCE According to the Gregorian calendar, we are in the twenty-first century though today’s sociopolitical state would say otherwise. We still find it acceptable to berate strangers on their fashion choices, hair styles, large pores, and anything above a size 4 waist (Beyoncé helped widen that margin from 2 to 4). Instead of...