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Wander Talks Episode 17: Dancers and Body Image

In this week’s episode of Wander Talks, I sat down with dancer and recent USF graduate, Jacqui Dugal, to discuss something that is very prevalent in the dance world: the “in-between disorder,” which is not an eating disorder but not a homeostatic state of mind. Body image is known to...


You See This Is What Happened To OK NYU

  NYU’s Blunder Body shaming, we must put it to rest. Until there is genuine reform, until our society, both men and women, transforms its evaluation of women, I will continue to address this disturbing epidemic. We know about the mounting campaigns against body-shaming. While laudable in their ambitions, they exemplify the...

Giuliana Rancic

In A World That Will Focus On Giuliana Rancic

  On Monday, April 6th, Savannah Guthrie of NBC’s Today Show sat down with news anchor and critical fashion police star, Giuliana Rancic. In this interview, one of the biggest topics that was touched on was Rancic’s weight and how much media coverage it has been getting recently. She’s been...

body image

How To Get The Best Body Image? Easier Said Than Done.

Earlier this year, I wrote about the controversial topic of body image and how we as a society are starting to become more sensitive about exploiting skinny models as the “ideal” and beginning to idolize “normal” women- it’s   becoming more and more evident in various clothing/underwear advertisements such as Aerie...

Body Image

Body Image: Confident and Healthy Is Beautiful

Body Image As people grow up, they hear they should take pride in their bodies. Beginning in grade school, bodies change during puberty and can bring about distorted images. Bigger boobs, taller statures, and strange weight fluctuations all draw attention in both negative and positive ways. Media Even into adulthood,...