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malcolm-jamal warner

Malcolm-Jamal Warner Is Right On Cosby

  Malcolm-Jamal Warner inquires why Bill Cosby’s work has been pulled from TV while Woody Allen’s has not been. “There is no one that’s calling for Woody [Allen’s] movies to be pulled off the air,” Warner said on “The Real” TV show, which discussed “The Cosby Show” being pulled off...


Quaaludes and Wine: The Bill Cosby Charges

  Pennsylvania prosecutors announced the filing of charges against comedian Bill Cosby in an alleged encounter with a woman 12 years ago. Cosby was charged with aggravated indecent assault. A former Temple University employee, told police Cosby drugged (quaaludes and wine) and violated her at his home in Cheltenham Township,...


Bill Cosby: Icon and Sexual Predator

  Hannibal Burress reignited the flames. Watch below.     It’s easy for me to separate the artist from the art as people mainly reveal the best representation of themselves and not who they are. Only do loved ones (friends and family) really see whom we all are deep down,...