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Scampaign 2016 Reveals Itself Fully

Rich Lowry breaks down swing-state ad spending from June between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump: Colorado: Team Clinton $2.9 million, Team Trump $0 Florida: Team Clinton $7.3 million, Team Trump $0 Iowa: Team Clinton $1.6 million, Team Trump $0 North Carolina: Team Clinton $2.3 million, Team Trump $0 New Hampshire:...

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Poll Numbers For Trump Historically Bad

Dan McLaughlin is correct when he points out how national poll numbers remain a less-than-ideal way to measure the presidential horserace, but are often the quickest way to assess where today’s race stands compared  to campaigns of the past. Looking at where Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton stand right now to the...

trump doctrine

Trump Doctrine Exudes Trumpism Abroad

  Andrew McCarthy details how the Trump Doctrine and his promise to bring coherence to American foreign policy, like his promises to Trump University students, is just more of the same emptiness. Given his past and oft-changing positions on Libya, Iraq and Syria, Trump doesn’t know what Trump believes. Trump...

clinton economics

Clinton Economics Works For America

Bill Clinton came into office as the 1991 recession was subsiding and oversaw the subsequent recovery. Clinton economics proved to be effective in those circumstances which are very similar to now. Dylan Matthews gives us an overview of the results of Clinton economics. Clinton Economics Unemployment fell dramatically between January...