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Heidi Klotzman

Doin it With Kwaisi France: Heidi Klotzman

KTB Radio presents Doin It With Kwaisi France. This week Kwaisi sits down with entrepreneur Heidi Klotzman. Part 1 Part 2 Heidi Klotzman Heidi Klotzman is the Founder and CEO of HeidnSeek Entertainment, LLC. Under Klotzman’s creative direction, the HeidnSeek brand has become synonymous with Baltimore’s event planning and brand...

people of color

Luckily, It Looks Like It’ll Only Affect People Of Color

  One woman and three men of “Middle Eastern” descent were removed from a Spirit Airlines plane at BWI Airport. The flight was headed for Chicago from Baltimore. After removal of these four people, Spirit Airlines deplaned the rest of the passengers and they are all now at the terminal...

you think you know

What Is It That You Think You Know?

  What is it that you think you know about yourself? I would classify myself as a libertarian-leaning liberal. I believe in tolerance for different people and different lifestyles, and don’t believe that my standards of morality or safety should be enforced by government. While I believe in personal responsibility...