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Miranda v. Arizona (1966): Landmark Supreme Court Cases

Miranda v. Arizona (1966) is one of the landmark Supreme Court cases featured in the KTB Prep American Government and Civics series designed to acquaint users with the origins, concepts, organizations, and policies of the United States government and political system. The goal is greater familiarization with the rights and...


Arizona Poll Issue Is About More Than Big Banks

The Arizona Democratic Party is investigating after voters say they were incorrectly registered. An official denied that Democratic voters had been misregistered as Independent after at least 20 primary voters were told they were Independents. Those registered as Independent were ineligible. Maricopa County (which contains Phoenix) had 200 voting stations...

Democrats marching

Democrats Marching Towards A Nominee

Bernie Sanders won the states of Utah and Idaho in the fourth Super Tuesday of this Democratic primary. Bernie won 67 delegates while Hillary won 51 delegates. What does the nomination look like now? Democrats Marching There are 4763 total delegates in the Democratic Primary. Of those delegates, 4051 are...


Getting Your Bracket Right is Figuratively Impossible

  We are in late March and halfway through the madness. Everybody is boasting about their brackets when they stack theirs up against their fellow peers. A fact… you don’t know jack, and no one actually “knows” what they are doing when filling these things out.   It’s Impossible In...

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Religious Freedom to Discriminate Freely

  Arizona   Recently Arizona’s failed attempt to protect the devout from the dangers of interacting with the gays has stirred a debate about religious freedoms in our nation. Religious freedom was one of the driving forces that brought Europeans to North America, and also is a core value of...