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Apple Gets Tech Support Against DOJ

  Multiple Companies have come out in support of Apple’s battle with the US Justice Department. Amazon, Cisco, Dropbox, eBay, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Mozilla, Twitter and Yahoo are among the companies supporting Apple in its battle over iPhone encryption.   Apple Many don’t understand why Apple can’t just break the...

digital publishing

How Digital Publishing Is Both New and Now

  It is no longer a contention that digital technology is sweeping us off our feet at a perhaps uncomfortable pace—it is regarded as an incontestable fact with no existing obstruction to the digital era’s astounding acceleration. Who could have predicted ten short years ago that we’d spend more time...

flat design

Microsoft Leads on Flat Design

  Design and Microsoft are far from synonymous, making the latter’s early arrival to the flat design party all the more surprising. Questions remain as to whether flat design is the long-term future of user interface design. As more and more services and companies are embracing this trend, flat design...