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adidas ultra boost

The Adidas Ultra Boost Will Make You See

  Previously, I discussed the stark sales decrease in North America the German sportswear company has been facing. In efforts to bolster their shares, I’ll be shining light on a product Adidas can hang their hats on — The Adidas Ultra Boost.   The three stripes came out at the...


Adidas On The Decline in America

  What feels like days long since passed, I have fancied myself a “sneaker aficionado,” or what urban America simply refers to today as — a hypebeast. Whether it was stacking my lunch money to save up for the new Jays, waiting over night outside in the rain for “Invisible Air...

russell westbrook

Something Different For The Russell Westbrook 0

  Hooooooooooooooooooly Westbrook. In a week’s stretch, he’s averaging 40.7 ppg 11.3 apg 11.3 rpg 3 spg.   In my opinion, he’s the most electrifying, entertaining, athletic, and beastly athlete to grace the court in today’s NBA. As long as he continues this streak he’s been on, I refuse to stop...