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biden-trump polling

Biden-Trump Polling Remains Steady

I have already talked about the small bump for the President in Biden-Trump polling post-debate in the state of Pennsylvania. Entering the closing week of the 2020 presidential campaign, President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden’s favorability ratings remain relatively unchanged since at least the summer according to...


What Can You Really Expect From TV?

A few weeks ago, Grey’s Anatomy fans all over were crushed by the unexpected death of a beloved main character. It was tragic, depressing, and took the show in a direction no one anticipated. To be honest, it made little to no sense in the series at all, and the...

the bachelor

The Bachelor Is A Colossal Job Fair

In case you weren’t aware, The Bachelor premiered on ABC about three weeks ago to start it’s 19th season of sending a single dude into a house full of 25+ single ladies pining for his heart. I’ll admit that I’ve been watching the ridiculous show for a while now (for...