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When You Put a Floridian in the North

  I’ll admit it, I love the cold. I LOVE visiting the north during the winter season and getting to wear those winter coats I bought in my South Florida Nordstrom department store. I may only get to wear these trendy coats once or twice a year, but man do...


Zendaya, Dreadlocks, Giuliana Rancic and Stereotypes

  18 year old Zendaya Coleman wowed viewers and critics when she stepped onto the Oscars Red Carpet rocking dreadlocks paired with her elegant gown. According to Hollywood Life, Zendaya’s intentions were inspired by Lisa Bonnet’s character on The Cosby Show. Beautiful as ever, Zendaya floated her way down the...


The DUFF and the Concept of Bullying

  The new movie, The DUFF premiered on February 20th and has already been rated 7.1 stars on IMBD.com. This film is based on a novel about a girl’s journey, played by Mae Witman, to abandon her apparent title “DUFF,” aka “Designated Ugly Fat Friend.” To sum it up, a...


Why Chipotle Always Wins

  Chipotle is one of the most popular and beloved fast-food restaurants across the country. People willingly stand in lines lasting up to 45 minutes. This chain restaurant is one of the best dining spots for everyone.   Everyone Can Order Happily A body builder, a vegan, a health nut,...

selfie stick

There’s No Reason For That Selfie Stick

  The technologically driven generation has found yet another way to seem more narcissistic and consumed with their surroundings. No longer are “selfies” while walking enough anymore, nor are pictures of wide-spread landscapes without our face in them. Ladies and gentlemen, behold the selfie stick.   This gadget was debuted...


It’s Probably Healthier To Keep It Single

  It’s over. It’s done. We have survived yet another Valentine’s Day, or as some like to call it, “Singles Awareness Day.” If you were so lucky to be granted the pleasure of having a Valentine or a snapchat “me and bae,” I’m sure your day was nauseatingly romantic. Maybe...