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the bachelor

The Bachelor Is A Colossal Job Fair

In case you weren’t aware, The Bachelor premiered on ABC about three weeks ago to start it’s 19th season of sending a single dude into a house full of 25+ single ladies pining for his heart. I’ll admit that I’ve been watching the ridiculous show for a while now (for...

parental advice

Reliable Parental Advice For Adult Life

We’ve all made note of the ridiculous tidbits of advice that our parents used to give us when we were younger. We’d be reminded of little things at the dinner table, “embarrassed” in front of our friends, and scolded after we broke one of these rules. We were little shits...

elastic heart

“Elastic Heart” by Sia

  Today, Sia’s new video for “Elastic Heart” premiered and went viral almost instantly. My feed was clogged up with posts and reposts of this, yet again, peculiar video that only Sia could pull off. It starred Maddy Ziegler, from the popular reality show Dance Moms,and Shia LaBeouf, whom most...


Challenging 2015

  As the ‘90s approached its fateful conclusion and we said goodbye to a decade of relative prosperity, while welcoming the “Postmodern” age, the world was on the cusp of embarking on an unforeseeable future; the dawn of the 21st century would send civilization on a teetering peregrination, challenging American...


New Year Resolutions: Stop the Hate

  It’s a universal law of humanity: with the New Year comes New Year resolutions. Whether it be eating more vegetables, seeing relatives more often, or refusing to make any resolutions at all, January 1st is filled with people mentally and verbally announcing to themselves that they will stick to...