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Startup Tips for Foreign Building Contractors New to the US


In recent years there have been several countries buying up real estate in the United States, many as mere investment properties meant to be held and sold at a later date when the market picks up again. Other parcels were grabbed to develop. These foreign investors are often interested in working with contractors from “back home” who understand their way of doing business and who have experience working on the types of constructions the investor would like to have built. Whether you are affiliated with a real estate investor or are simply looking to work as a building contractor in the US, the following tips may help you.

Foreign Building Contractors

If you are a foreign building contractor negotiating and making a bid on the project, it just might be possible to get approval to open your corporation here in the United States. Since the early 1990s there has been legislation in effect that encourages foreign investors who are interested in starting companies in the United States. This is in an effort to grow the economy here, but there are guidelines that must be followed when bringing in workers through immigrations. Attorneys like Hirson Immigration specialize in the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program and they are the ones who can help you understand and abide by very precise legal requirements. Once that is seen to, it’s time to get help running a company in unfamiliar territory.

All Licenses Must Be in Order

Many times professional licenses are just the beginning of what you will need before you can open your doors to clients. However, this may be a huge step because of what the prerequisites for licensure may be. Some, if not all, require a degree or certificate authenticating educational requirements are met before issuing a Business License. Some credits are transferable and some certificates are recognized. Here again, you may need legal representation if there is any question as to exactly what you are licensed to do in your homeland.

Become Acquainted with Local Customs

When advising US citizens looking to bring their business to a foreign country, the first thing suggested is that they familiarize themselves with local customs. This goes to everything from advertising to customer communications to staff recruitment and even business operations. The same holds true for those immigrants setting up shop in the US. If you want to integrate smoothly into the community in which you will operate your business, get acquainted with local customs. Days off, hours of operation and the intricacies of customer service are each important ‘customs’ to understand and abide by.

Use Experienced Marketers to Announce Your Company

One important ‘tip’ is to make sure people know who you are, what you do and what areas you serve. As a construction contractor you may not want to go too far afield so it is vital to work with a marketing agency that understands your market area and how to reach the locals to get the word out that there is a new kid in town. You may have been asked to open a business stateside to work with a real estate investor from your home country, but chances are you will want to bring in other business as well. Marketing is key to your survival.

These are just basic tips to help you understand that doing business in a new land is always going to present a few obstacles that you will need to overcome. They may be big when it comes to licensing but when it comes to bringing your staff over legally and understanding tax laws, good attorneys can pave the way quite quickly and have your doors open in no time flat. Really, the only thing left to say is welcome to America and good luck on your endeavor!