PTSD, Substance Abuse, Our Veterans, And What You Can Do


Shell-shocked Soldier

Killing The Breeze has been advocating for our veterans, especially those who may be facing a difficult time, since inception, including our feature on Chris Miller. We have also highlighted some of the educational opportunities and benefits reserved exclusively for veterans upon their return home.

Elizabeth Turner works with a fantastic team at Specifically, Elizabeth and her team are dedicated to seeking out the many ways our heroes can find the support they need as well as showing how we can reach out to them when it comes to PTSD and substance abuse. writes:

Many brave men and women who serve our country live through traumatic experiences during deployment. Today, there’s more awareness about the many veterans who struggle with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) as a result of their experiences, yet much work remains. PTSD is one of the primary reasons veterans may turn to drugs or alcohol — as a coping mechanism to deal with the traumatic memories, feelings of depression, and anxiety resulting from PTSD — particularly if the disorder is inadequately treated or, in the worst-case scenario, undiagnosed or untreated at all.

At first, the occasional drink (or the occasional use of recreational drugs) to relax and escape from traumatic memories or to cope with the challenges of re-entry into civilian society seems harmless, but when the underlying stress or other cause isn’t addressed, this behavior can quickly escalate to addiction. Combined with depression, PTSD, or any other underlying mental health condition, addiction increases the risk of suicidal thoughts and behaviors.

The complexity of these diseases and comorbidity (co-occurring disorders, or two or more disorders present at the same time) presents a serious risk for veterans. We’ve created this comprehensive guide to shed light on the issues facing many veterans including the risk of addiction, suicide, and other contributing factors such as PTSD, and to provide resources and information to give veterans and those who love them a renewed sense of hope for regaining their sense of normalcy and achieving well-being.

America’s greatness is built on the pillar of liberty and that liberty is preserved by the men and women who wear the uniform to defend it. To learn more or to just get involved, please visit the site.

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